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It’s never been easier to make your own invitations. Pretty Paper Invitations provides the template for you, you’ll just follow a few simple steps to create and print your own wedding invitations or party invitations. Simply purchase the template that you want, change the text to your own custom wording, print them out, cut them out, and then put them in the mail! It really is as easy as that. Of course, there are ways to take these simple steps even further, and make luxurious, expensive looking invitations while still saving a TON of money. We’ve got a lot of great ideas and suggestions, just check out our Tips, Ideas & Resources page to learn more!



Give it a try by using our practice template! You can test it out by typing in your own text on one of our sample invitations. This way you can see how truly easy it is to make your own invitations and stationery! Click HERE to go to our wedding invitation sample template (this is a link to a PDF file). Please note that the option to save the changes is disabled in this sample file.


Here’s how it works….

1. Choose and purchase your template.

(If you don’t see a template that is exactly what you are looking for, consider our Custom Options)

2. Change the text.

If you would like to change the font, size or color just highlight the line of text that you want to change. Then select the properties bar from the view menu, under tool bars. That tool bar will give you the ability to change the size, color and font of the text. For wording ideas and inspirations, check out This site has a great selection of different invitation wording ideas to choose from.

3. Print.

Decide whether you’ll be printing your invites on your home inkjet printer or if you’ll be taking them into a professional print shop (like Kinko’s) or a letterpress shop. If you are having the printing done professionally, simply save your completed templates to a disk and take it, along with your paper, to the printer’s. Make sure to get a sample print of everything before printing out the total number that you need! 
If printing at home on an inkjet, start by doing a test print on standard, inexpensive paper to make sure that you are happy with the overall look and wording of the invitation. If everything looks good, it’s time to do a test print on the actual invitation paper! Start by using a sheet or two to test the setting on your printers. Make sure to select the correct paper style from the “Media Type” under your print properties. This will set the printer to use an appropriate amount of ink, making it harder for the ink to smear. And if you are using any other color coordinated paper, like a mat background, pocketfold or colored envelopes, be sure to test the layout of your invitations with these items for color matching and/or correct sizing!

4. Trim.

Once your invitations and/or other stationery items are all printed, it’s time to cut. Simply use a utility knife with a metal (NOT plastic) ruler, or go to Kinko’s and use their paper cutter for free, to get a nice, clean, straight edged trim. You can also have your paper professionally trimmed by a staff member at Kinko’s for a small fee. We don’t recommend using scissors, as the accuracy is very difficult to achieve. Each template has a gridline indicator at the corner of each stationery item to show you where to cut.

5. Embellish (optional)

Now that your invitations are all printed out, you can choose to add some embellishments to enhance the look of your invites and add a more luxurious, expensive feel. Some popular embellishment ideas are:
- Attach a colored mat to the back of your invitation
- Wrap your invite with a satin ribbon or band made with vellum paper
- Glue on trimmings like crystal gems, fabric pieces, dried flowers or other flourishes
- Use a matching pocket fold to display your invitation and neatly present your other stationery (RSVP card, directions card, enclosure card, reception card, etc)
- Line your envelopes with a matching, decorative paper
There are many ways to make your invitations chic and glamorous. Checkout our Tips, Ideas & Resources page for resources and inspiration.

6. Time to Mail your Invitations!

Put those beautiful invitations in the mail and sit back and wait for the RSVP’s (and compliments!) to roll in.